Hello to all our friends and family, been awhile!

We are excited to announce we are getting the hospitality engines fired up again. The grills, the fryers, the pizza ovens are getting hot and ready to make everyone the meals you’ve come to love with us over the years. We are opening for Take Out/Pick Up next week, as well as working on a new delivery system and should have it ready in the following weeks. Our menus will be shortened, but there will be some new features to dig into.

Red Monkey opening date is May 13th, Stone Hut is May 14th and Hop Thief is May 15th.
Our hours will be Tuesday thru Sunday, 2p to 9p (for about 10 days). The plan is to be open to inside dining by June 1st for full time dining/drinking/socializing. Regular hours will return, including breakfast and bloody’s at the Stone Hut! There of course will be restrictions and adaptations. We will be taking all the recommended precautions and are working with the WW County Health Department to ensure a smooth opening. There will be excessive sanitizing, common distancing and well needed socializing! There has been a lot of time spent trying to figure out how to come back and do it with style. Here is a taste of what’s to come from the Kegs and Grub Hospitality Group.

KEGS AND GRUB CLUB - our new loyalty club app will allow you to collect points for your purchases. You can also earn points from specials and features that you purchase. You will be able to use those point to purchase food, drink and our merchandise. We also will continue to
reward your loyalty just by showing up and checking in at your favorite restaurant. Our gift cards can be used at any of our 3 locations, and reloaded for any amount. We also want you to celebrate your birthday with us → Your age equals your % discount and you can go to each
restaurant to celebrate. It’s a full Birthday Week! - You’ve been loyal to us, let us reward you for being you.

STONE HUT BAR & GRILL - We’ve had to condense our menu, but all the favorites are still there. PLUS, Andrew has taken some of his isolation time to come up with new food items for you to explore. There is even talk about new house made gravy, chili and queso. The process has
started to install a pick up window. You’ll be able to get all our food, beer and cocktails. The socialization location is up to you. New Burger Fight for June is in the works and look for some aged cheeses from Walla Walla Cheese Company. We will get back to our classic breakfast as
soon as inside seating is allowed again including our pull tab gambling section that was recently expanded with new games and dispensers. Aimee and Chelsey are creating a few cool to-go adult beverages including our best in town Bloody Mary’s. You’ll be able to get all our food,
beer and cocktails with the ease of just pulling up to our upcoming pick-up window currently in the works. The socialization location is up to you.

RED MONKEY DOWNTOWN - We looked over the menu and told the slow sellers to beat it. We shrunk the menu down to just the favorites and most popular, but we are adding some pretty awesome new items to the line-up. You’ll love the flavors and new ingredients. We are
expanding our patio area so you can soak up some sun while social distancing. There is a new cocktail menu with some great Spring feels and you’ll be able to take those home with you. Becky has come up with some pretty amazing new Milk Shakes for everyone to enjoy. We’ve always been known for the place that large groups go (and we will again), but for now we still have plenty of seating for everyone while allowing your personal space. Ashton has come up with a great taco of the month for June and you can pick the beer you choose to have with it!

HOP THIEF TAPHOUSE - The new restaurant in town, is well… New again! The big thing we have been patiently waiting for is the ability to use our creek side patio. We will have so many excellent spots for you sit and sip, all while keeping your distance from others. Speaking of sipping beers, we will be ‘Johnny on the Spot’ when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting our self serve taps (every 5 to 10 minutes). When you pour your own beer, wine or cider, it will be nothing but crisp clean deliciousness! Our canned cocktail line is expanding along with the addition of Tall Boys. Welcome Coors Light, Bud Light and PBR to the team. They might even be the feature on Thursdays at 3 bucks. Speaking of feature — LIVE MUSIC will become a staple to our day drinking weekends. There will be a variety of musicians out on the patio to listen to while you play a quick game of corn hole. The fire pit has just the right amount of seats so you can stay 6 feet away from people, but close to the flames. Erik has come up with a
few new items to add to the menu to celebrate the season. Asparagus and Prosciutto Pizza sound good?
Times have been tough and most likely they will continue to be that way. This is the very reason why restaurants and bars exist. In the last 100 years, there has been World Wars, pandemics, terrorism, depression and economy crashes…but as humans, we always move forward and adapt. Life is about getting away from daily grinds and celebrating friendships and
family over a good meal with tasty beverages. The rules have temporarily changed, but our basic socializing needs have not. Being around other humans keeps us mentally happy and grounded to what matters. We look forward to providing everyone; near and far, the establishments to celebrate what makes us human. Thanks and cheers to the future.